TIFF L’Oréal 2019

September, 2019


- Unique theme
- Pop-up reached TIFF festival crowds
- High involvement interactive marketing experience
- Augmented reality for WOW factor

Beauty brand wins over film festival crowds with make-up booth and augmented reality experience

September 2019 saw global beauty brand L’Oréal take to the streets of downtown Toronto with a high impact marketing activation. Amidst all the buzz of the Toronto International Film Festival, L’Oréal’s pop-up make-up and photo booths drew in the crowds for an immersive brand experience and interactive product trial that thrilled the brand’s fans.

The L’Oréal centrepiece: a Loki Split20 unit with attached, stunning two-story full- glass make-up studio so people could look out on the crowds while getting made up while, just as importantly, passersby could look in. After a professional make-up session, guests had their pictures taken with their new look.

A separate loki cube unit housed an augmented reality installation where people could see themselves with their new look like they’ve never seen themselves before. Adjacent to the elegant white Split20 unit, L’Oréal commissioned a VIP28 lounge in striking basic black. The lounge had private entrances and, with its cantilevered glassed-in observation area, afforded stunning views of crowds thronging the busy city streets during TIFF. Loki Box Design worked with experiential marketing shop Cinco to realize the high impact makeup station activation.