Experiential Marketing Installations

Experiential Marketing Designs Reaching Customers on a Deeper Level

So what is experiential marketing anyway? It can be defined as creating a bond between a consumer and a brand by immersing that consumer in some kind of experience that you create and control that is ultimately fun or rewarding or stimulating in a positive way.



Get into an experience. Buy into a brand.

In the most basic analysis, experiential marketing evokes a positive emotion or response and welds it to a brand, so that in the future, the consumer associates those positive emotions with that brand and becomes predisposed to choosing that brand. And because it is an immersive experience that is relevant to or rewards the target rather than being interruptive or intrusive like traditional advertising, it can be hugely effective.


Sometimes the experience is offered at an event and embodies some aspect of that event. Sometimes it remains detached yet manages to surf on the general positive excitement the event has created while focusing on a specific, marketer-generated interaction between brand and consumer.


Successful experiential marketing engages the senses to provide a fuller more memorable experience that will resonate with a person over time. And as soon as we start talking about the 5 senses, this implies that most successful experiential marketing happens face to face, in real time, where you can touch the experience and it, in turn, can touch you.


And when it is well done, the positive reverberations from a brand experience can stay with consumers for a long, long time.

We Have Deep Experience in Experiential

How you present your experience is important. At Loki Box Design our refurbished shipping containers actually become part of the experience you have worked so hard to create. The fact they are stunning pieces of mobile architecture means they are inherently attractive, often capturing attention from great distances on the tradeshow floor or festival grounds.


Secondly, whether you choose to build a pop-up store or create an interactive marketing experience with a kiosk or booth environment, our units are up to the task. The units can be custom designed from the top down to reflect the total experience on offer, providing appropriate spaces to accommodate traffic flow, relaxation and refreshment areas, entertainment, press and media activities, VIP space, product sampling, trial and sales or whatever immersive activities you have built around your brand.

Experiential Marketing Installations: Build or Rent

Loki Box Design works with you and your agencies and partners to make sure your unit’s design makes the most of your experiential marketing concept. We offer complete conceive-design-engineer-fabricate-manage services that ensure your “container” provides an optimal home for your content. Custom designs offer maximum support to experiential marketing set-ups and brand activations and ensure the highest level of integration between the brand activation and its mobile environment. Rented units, however, can be rebadged and fully branded and ready to become effective ambassadors for your brand. If you choose to own your unit, Loki Box Design offers full storage and maintenance services you can take advantage of between events.



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Use Your Experiential Marketing Campaign Installations Over and Over Again Anywhere

And because our experiential marketing designs are adaptable to your purposes you can reuse them for many campaigns for years to come, at any time of the year, indoors or out. Our units are designed to withstand any conditions. And because we are the mobility experts, we can easily take your brand experience anywhere and assist with the planning of your marketing tour. We’ll set everything up, tear it down, and move it to your next big event, anywhere in the country, over and over again, no matter how long your road show needs to be. Logistics is a whole other level of expertise we offer, one that many clients choose to outsource to us given its complexity and time consuming nature.


Thinking about putting experiential marketing to work for your brand? Get the right partner and the right mobile architecture with Loki Box Design.