Pop Up Cafe

Our Mobile Pop Up Cafes and Coffee Shops Available for Rent / Ready to Build

The professionals at Loki Box Design can craft custom-made mobile pop up coffee shops and cafes of nearly any size and design specification. We design and construct each unit using either environmentally friendly friendly building materials or reworked and recycled shipping containers. Each unit we design, build, and deliver can provide you with a great and original pop up design that features unique installations, which you can take anywhere.


You can design and install a custom pop up coffee shop or cafe for nearly any type of public spaces or events. Our custom mobile designs can provide the best experience for customers by showcasing your business in an original way, attracting a large and diverse audience, and establishing a new standard.


Your business will stand apart with the help of one of our appealing mobile cafes or coffee shop venues, which you can use wherever and whenever you need it.


Our EventBoxes’ unrivaled adaptability also allows you to reuse your custom mobile pop up coffee shops or cafes for more than one campaign, whenever you need them. Regardless of what you’re looking for, our original pop-ups offer plenty of design opportunities that make our units a potentially invaluable asset for your marketing campaigns.

Take Your Pop Up Coffee Shop or Cafe Design Inside or Outside

Bad weather is inconsequential when you use one of our units. Whether there’s sun, rain, cold, sleet, snow, or wind, our professionally designed pop-up boxes can meet all of your needs. Set up your pop up at any time of the year, at any location, whether indoors or outdoors.

Coast to Coast Tours

Here at Loki, we are experts in mobile architecture. We can take your mobile cafe or coffee shop design anywhere and even help with the planning of your next tour. Our designers and builders will construct everything and set it up, tear it down, and transport it to any event at any location in the US and Canada.

Modular and ergonomic

Regardless of where you set up your mobile pop up coffee shop or cafe, we’ll ensure you stand out.



We’ll discuss ground-breaking ideas together

We’ll design the perfect EventBox for your needs

Loki will build your Box in its workshop

We’ll set up quickly and easily, you'll be very impressed

You’ll be the talk of the event

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Uses for Our Shipping Container Pop Up Coffee Shop and Cafe Installations

Use our pop up cafes and coffee shop designs to promote your business in an engaging and appealing way. You’ll be able to create an experience that your customers won’t likely forget with a fully customized mobile unit that accurately represents your brand.

We use a variety of technologies to achieve this, including touchscreens, indoor and outdoor screens, iPad stands, A/V, and RFID. Each unit also features plumbing, A/C, and HVAC, and is multimedia- and multiplatform-ready, with large pre-wired outdoor LED screens. You can control temperature, air quality, lighting, and noise, and ease of interaction to keep both your customers and staff consistently comfortable. For the service industry, we work with you to create optimal client flow and incorporate the latest tech for a memorable experience and higher conversion rate.

There’s practically no limit to what you can do with one of our structure. All you have to do is let us know everything you need, and we’ll design your custom shipping container cafe or coffee shop design with every element you want to include. We’ll be sure to impress you and your customers with a custom box that impresses you and your customers.