Pop-Ups to Go

Mobile restaurants, mobile bistros and food truck conversions available for rent or ready to build

At Loki Box Design we create architecture for a mobile world. But people on the move get hungry, so we also turn our attentions to food for a mobile world! Whether you need a mobile open-air bistro, a food truck conversion or a pop-up restaurant, we deliver. And when we do, mobile dining never tasted so good!

Because we’re creative types over here, too, we totally get this new generation of chefs who are cooking quality foods with fresh, local ingredients and taking them on the road, making food trucks and pop-up restaurants some of the hottest properties in the world of dining. While they make creative dishes, all our creativity goes into making the venue and the experience as rich and enticing as we can. And when brands need to feed their customers at a major event, concert, custom brand activation, or gathering of any size, we can design a pop-up food preparation and serving vehicle that will fit the bill perfectly.

Our mobile food prep installations come in all sizes and design specifications. You can commission us to conceive-engineer-build a totally customized unit that starts with an understanding of your marketing strategy and objectives, your brand character and an analysis of the events you expect to attend. We start the design process with these core considerations to make sure we’re on strategy, so we can hit the ball out of the park creatively speaking every time. That’s so your custom mobile restaurant design can provide the very best experience for your customers by showcasing your food – or your brand -- in an engaging way, making a very tasty impression, and helping build lots of traffic.

Containers that really cook

Will your pop-up restaurant or bistro best be served by a shipping container conversion? Do you need a bistro, diner, patio, stand or full-blown, high-end outdoor dining experience? We build stunning mobile booths and kiosks from single or grouped shipping containers starting at a compact 64 sq. ft. all the way up to a couple of thousand! On the high end of that scale, your restaurant can feature full commercial-style food prep facilities and intimate, indoor climate-controlled dining areas and bistro-style seating on the main level. Outdoors, we can set up seating on the ground or on raised platforms with attractive flooring, or on an upper deck for al fresco dining under the stars. With a mobile restaurant from Loki Box Design, the sky really is the limit when it comes to eating out.

Food trucks on a roll

Converting a delivery van into a mobile food prep unit is a piece of cake for us. We’ll start with a discussion of your menu concept and its food prep, storage and serving needs and your budget and build you a mobile commercial kitchen that’s totally functional and able to meet the high-volume needs of the lunch or dinner rush, or for the crush of hungry concertgoers or other crowds at large public events. We’ll think of everything, so all you need to do is concentrate on cooking up the best mobile food around.

Coast to Coast Tours

Here at Loki, we specialize in mobile architecture. We can take your mobile restaurant design anywhere and even help with the planning of your next marketing tour. Our staff will build everything, set it up, tear it down, and transport it to any event at any location in the country. We can help you meet the needs of the most rigorous touring schedule so you will arrive on time, every time, ready to put your best flavours forward.

And whether you commission your own custom unit or rent and re-skin one of our existing boxes, you will enjoy all the benefits of mobile architecture that’s striking in appearance, practical in design and efficient in function.



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Pop-up restaurant designs for indoors or out

Of course, we build many of our units from recycled and reworked shipping containers, giving them a second lease on life and keeping them out of the scrap heap. Or we use eco-friendly building materials you can feel good about. Our structures are highly adaptable and durable, so you can use them over and over for a variety of campaigns. Bad weather is never an issue with our designs. Our quality built pop-up restaurants and bistros can meet your needs whatever the weather… sun, rain, cold, sleet, snow, or wind. You can also ask us to store and maintain your unit when not in use, so it’s ready to cook when you are.

We use a variety of technologies to achieve this, including touchscreens, indoor and outdoor screens, iPad stands, A/V, and RFID. Each unit also features plumbing, A/C, and HVAC, and is multimedia- and multiplatform-ready, with large pre-wired outdoor LED screens. You can control temperature, air quality, lighting, and noise, and ease of interaction to keep both your customers and staff consistently comfortable. For the food industry, we work with you to create optimal client flow and incorporate the latest tech for a memorable experience and higher conversion rate.