Shipping Container Conversions

Designing display units around brands

At Loki Box Design we’re in the business of capturing the essence of brands and delivering them beautifully wrapped and displayed in pieces of mobile architecture, some of which border on art. The goal is to create strong lasting connections between your brand and your customers by mobilizing the kind of experiences that engage people easily and memorably. When it comes to experiential marketing, our work brings real value to brands in wonderfully creative ways.

Shipping containers are uniquely suited to that task. We love working with them because they lend themselves to an infinite range of conceptual thinking and design. Shipping container transformations let us expand our engineering skills. They challenge our capacities in fabrication and in designing the kind of features and amenities that makes brand activations work. But most of all, they bring out in us that childlike sense of discovery and wonder that is behind all good design, which then becomes part of the value we provide our customers.

So besides designing for brands and for the people who interact with them, we also design for impact, to attract the kind of crowds that drive activation ROI. Pop-up shipping container architecture has a distinct advantage over many other forms of displays. It has a magnetic quality unto itself, whether it’s a cleverly re-cut and re-imagined Split 20 unit made from a single box, or a soaring, award-winning BB2, made from 6 containers with over 2000 sq. ft. of usable space on 4 levels. With shipping container designs, architectural drama comes in packages big and small.

Shipping containers move people

There’s something about a shipping container that makes people look twice. Part of that is how people feel good about seeing something repurposed and re-used productively in our throw-away world. Part of it is viscerally understanding and being drawn towards good design. Shipping containers, once re-appointed and refinished, look modern and sleek, with dramatic lighting and shadow; some recall jewelry cases, some look like museum pieces, others more closely resemble the museum itself!

Steel is our strength

Mobile and modular shipping container architecture is very different from run-of-the-mill marketing booths and displays. They’re made of steel, which makes them solid and long lasting and from a fabrication standpoint, highly flexible: there’s always a solid member close by to support an added-on design element or other amenity. They are easily transportable and can be fit into surprisingly tight spaces, whether indoors or out. Steel supports a range of stunning, modern finishes. Containers can accommodate any feature a traditional, permanent building can, even washrooms. Windows can be simple portholes, entire walls of fenestration or even giant enclosed glass greenhouses attached to the main unit. Steel lets you do that.

All the creature comforts

We incorporate many state-of-the-art technologies in our designs, including indoor and outdoor screens, touchscreens, RFID, A/V, and iPad stands. Each unit features A/C, HVAC, and plumbing, and is multimedia- and multiplatform-ready, with large pre-wired outdoor LED screens that can meet any of your marketing needs. You’ll also have the ability to control temperature, lighting, air quality, noise, and ease of interaction to maximize comfort for your visitors and employees.



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The box you need

Our pop-up unit, displays and venues lend themselves to a wide variety of applications, both indoors and out, from pop-up stores to tradeshow booths to spectacular showpieces that anchor major sponsors at festivals and other large-scale gatherings. We also put a lot of thought into each unit’s interior space, designing for function, ease of access and use, crowd flow and control and many other considerations that contribute to the success of your activation.

Need exceptionally stylish VIP space? A retail kiosk? A bar with lounge area? A coffee shop or full-blown restaurant? A café or even a food truck? We can deliver. Considering a rooftop deck or separate but accessible wing? Need a quiet work space to conduct meetings or interviews? We can build make that an integral part of the design. Need weather protected meet & greet space that’s part of yet separate from the unit interior? We offer endless possibilities for adding covered wings, glass enclosures, raised platforms, partitions and amenities that guide traffic flow, whatever your activation needs to function effortlessly.