Modular & Mobile Architecture

Shipping containers move people

At Loki Box Design, our passion is mobility. We create gorgeous, crowd-stopping architecture using refurbished shipping containers. The great thing about shipping containers, of course, is that they were designed to be mobile in the first place. Then what we have to do is find new and exciting ways make creative booths, displays and pop-up venues for brands who need them.

The big difference between Loki Box Design’s brand of mobile architecture and your garden variety tradeshow display unit is in the architecture. Our units are designed to make the brand the center of attention wherever they go. They accomplish this by placing a high value on creative design. The units themselves attract attention to the brands they represent. Just the idea of a display made of a shipping container or containers is fascinating to passersby, so they stop in for a closer look. Very large assemblages of containers are architectural showpieces that command attention and can turn a brand display into the epicenter of a large festival and a point of reference for festivalgoers. They are very compelling structures.

Container chic

Mobile and modular shipping container architecture also has a very modern vibe and design aesthetic, taking a decidedly industrial box and turning it into something refined and with tremendous visual appeal. The standardized dimensions make designing impressive display units a lot like a child playing with blocks: you can stack them in virtually any way you want. Depending on a brand’s space needs and budgetary constraints, this could be as simple as a single box with extended wings and awnings all the way up to a 5- or 6-container, Jenga-like stack, rising an impressive 3-stories high…or more! Sky is our limit.

Fully modular

Many of our larger units are composed of 2 or more containers and can be broken down into modules for transport and assembled on-site. Smaller units are often made with modular components: wings, awnings, rooftop deck, signage, extensions, additions, etc. The range of amenities that can be added on to a basic shipping container is limitless, making them infinitely customizable. Modern lighting is particularly effective with shipping container designs, both inside and out, and they can support the biggest of big screens.

Plug and play

We incorporate many state-of-the-art technologies into our units, including indoor and outdoor screens, RFID, A/V, touchscreens, and iPad stands. Each unit features HVAC, A/C, and plumbing, and is multimedia- and multiplatform-ready, with large pre-wired outdoor LED screens that can meet any of your marketing needs. You can also have total control over temperature, lighting, air quality, noise, and ease of interaction to make your units consistently comfortable for staff and visitors alike.



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The perfect space: Modular Mobile Architecture

Modern shipping container marketing displays, booths and pop-up venues are all about brand activation. At Loki Box Design, we create the perfect activation space for whatever you want to accomplish for your brand. If you need a lot of meet and greet space, that is easily accomplished with floor and awning extensions. Want to create a walk-through, immersive experience? Shipping containers natural dimensions lend themselves to making experiential “tunnels” where people can intensively interact with your brand. You can use your unit any time of the year during any season, indoors or outdoors. And you may choose to have a custom unit built for you, rent and re-skin an existing unit or even own and rent out your unit to generate a revenue stream.

So whether you want to create the perfect VIP experience, a pop-up store for onsite retailing, a sampling station, a hands-on interactive event, an experiential “tunnel”, an entertainment venue or some other experience unique to your brand, the folks at Loki Box Design are keen on exploring your brand and strategy and coming up with the perfect mobile, modular unit for you.