Mobile Installations for Brand Activations & Product Launches

Whether you create an event yourself or attend an existing event, a brand activation will make your brand shine in a market or effectively launch a new product. Either way, Loki Box Design can develop the perfect container booth, exhibit, kiosk, venue, interactive display, pop-up or other kind of installation to meet your needs and help your brand connect with targets and effectively own the show. And when it comes to launching a new product or service, a high impact container pop-up can leverage your efforts and help ramp up awareness quickly and efficiently. Whether you put the emphasis on interactivity, display or sampling, our products can be central to your experiential marketing efforts.

Event Specific or Multi-purpose Booth Design

Loki Box Design fabricates most of its customized mobile architecture using recycled, refurbished shipping containers. These container conversions can be custom-crafted to be event specific, or designed to smoothly integrate into a number of different kinds of venues or activities depending on the needs of your marketing plan. Any way you choose, the impact, brand character, crowd friendliness and ease of set-up/tear down are designed right in to your container booth.

Sophisticated Brand-Empowering Designs

A well-conceived, well-appointed container design by Loki Box Design doesn’t just help you stand out in a crowded exhibition space, it will set new standards for visual impact, traffic building and the immersive character of your experiential marketing effort. Working closely with your marketing department to fully grasp the essence of your brand activation and the specific messaging and feeling to be communicated, we will craft a design that is precisely correct for the task using the full force of our creativity and design skills and ample experience producing marketing activation venues, pop-up booths and kiosks that truly deliver on your expectations for ROI.

Inspired Brand Activation and Product Launch Designs, Indoors or Out

Shipping containers being what they are, our installations can generally be deployed at any time of the year, indoors or out. Weather is never an issue at Loki. We can develop a design that’s capable of withstanding sun, rain, cold, sleet or wind to showcase your brand. With some planning, you can also convert your exterior pop-up venue into a TradeshowBox for interior use.



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There's Something About a Shipping Container that Moves People

Creating an unforgettable experience for your target audience that cements your brand in their minds is getting more and more difficult in a crowded marketing universe. Loki Box Design offers unique mobile architecture that generates the added impact you need for brand activation success. Compared with traditional trade show display booths, creatively refurbished and conceptually inspired shipping container designs have the power to make people feel good, are intriguing pieces of mobile architecture in themselves, and are tailor-made to optimize your brand activation experience. So whether you have the hottest brand activation idea ever, you’re launching a new product or service, or you want to take your marketing activation on the road, we’re ready to build you a mobile showroom, trade show booth or pop-up container that meets your brand’s every need.