Marketing Road Trips

Take your Brand to See the World while the World Sees your Brand

Everyone gets excited by the prospect of a road trip, and brand managers are no exception. But you are under no illusions: taking a brand on the road to multiple events or activities in far flung places is not a job for the faint of heart. You know the lead time will be too short (it always is, isn’t it?), the logistics too complicated, the activation development curve too steep, and the work load too intense. But you also know nothing replaces having your brand engage customers more deeply in exciting, fun and fulfilling environments than brand activations in the field.

A world of strategic fit options

To begin with, depending on the brand, your tour options are virtually endless: big ticket summer concerts and sporting events, cultural and artistic events, a string of trade shows obviously, hobby and special interest shows like dog, horse or motorsports, and many, many more. You should be able to easily define a viable multi-stop tour for maximum ROI that has deep synergies with your brand. Then the work begins. But you know it’s worth it, and nothing feels as satisfying as successfully staging a big, complicated multi-stop marketing tour.

Rule no. 1 – Delegate

To pull off a major tour successfully, you need to be in total control while delegating major aspects of the task at hand, like creating event venues and activities, to experienced, trusted partners. That’s where we step up. At Loki Box Design, we create architectural-quality mobile and pop-up venues, booths, kiosks and total immersive/interactive environments that take your brand wherever you say it needs to go. Marketing tours have a lot of moving parts. We can help you with the most important tour elements so you can focus on marketing, not on getting there, site prep, set up, etc.

Marketing tours made manageable

We’re a creative organization that makes jaw-dropping mobile architecture mostly but not exclusively from refurbished shipping containers. Because our display units are designed to move from location to location, we’ve taken on the broader role of providing our customers with full logistics support on top of our design-build- activate capacity. And, as you are aware, logistics is an entire profession in itself. If you are embarking on a multi-stop brand road show, series of pop-up events or extended experiential marketing tour, we can effectively take your brand places while handling all logistics along the way, including complex regulations/permitting for a changing list of sites and jurisdictions. Our touring capabilities and experience, plus complete turnkey design-build-activate-move services, free you to focus your efforts on the key brand activation exhibits and immersive activities that will make your tour a success.

Rule no. 2 – Knock their socks off

Probably the single most important investment you’ll make for your tour is the display booth or kiosk you deploy at each site. In environments that are crowded with competing communications, you need to make an impact, pure and simple. The more powerful your visual concept is, the more traffic you will get. In our experience, some high-impact event venues, armed with the right brand activations, will outdraw more basic booths by a factor of 5 or even 10, more than offsetting the higher design-build costs. That’s the kind of difference that goes straight to your ROI and your investments should be made with this key factor in mind.





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Shipping containers move people

Mobile architecture by Loki Box Design is fresh, unique and interesting in itself. Sometime it is awe-inspiring as it soars above the festival grounds, lit up against the night sky; sometimes it has enough visual interest to draw crowds on its own. There’s something about a shipping container pop-up shop that moves people! So besides the many practical reasons for choosing to refurbish a shipping container for your brand (we’ll get into those in a minute), the best reason of all is they’re just plain cool. And crowds gravitate to them. Solid, inspired shipping container architecture stands head and shoulders above the traditional trade show booth or festival kiosk with their thinly veneered appearance and temporary feel.



Mobile marketing versatility

Shipping container display booths, pop-up shops and pop-up restaurants are also weatherproof and can be used indoors or out with little modification. They set up fast and tear down even faster. They are designed to be trailer mounted and can be maneuvered in surprisingly tight spaces, even in urban and conference center environments. They are sturdy base structures made of heavy-duty steel, so adding wings, rooftop space, awnings, signage and so on is easily accomplished. They can also be stacked and twinned in an endless number of architecturally interesting ways, whatever works best with your brand. You can own your unit and have us store, maintain and manage it. You can also lease a unit and have it customized to your brand and even to the specific event.

This road show season, get your brand out a little more often with help from the mobile architecture experts at Loki Box Design.