The ultimate festival sponsorship environment

June, 2019


- - Multiple sections in one branded area for everyone to enjoy
- Custom furniture
- Outdoor festival sponsorship
- Diverse musical program

Bell creates enjoyable spaces for festivalgoers at Les Francofolies… and lots of them!

From June 14 to 22, 2019, Bell carried out a marketing activation in downtown Montreal as part of the 31st annual Francofolies French-language music and arts festival. The epicentre of the Bell sponsorship was an enormous platform featuring 2 Loki Split20 units back to back, 5 Loki Cubes as well as a distinctive BNC240 unit with its signature suspended overhead awning, all arranged in the heart of the city’s Quartier des Spectacles arts and entertainment quarter.

One of the Split20 kiosks was home to a facial recognition game. Depending on the emotion a person was displaying at the moment a different song would play, using an Internet of Things application on the Samsung Galaxy SXPlus phone. The songs, of course, came from the Festival line-up of top performers.

The second Split 20 presented a Where is Charlie? type quiz game on the Samsung Galaxy SPlus which used the telephone’s camera and showcased its powerful zoom feature. In the BNC240 mobile pop-up kiosk, two radio station hosts broadcast live from the unit’s lounge space every day of the Festival from 5 to 7 p.m. In the other section the experiential marketing effort continued with unique furniture for guests to relax on while they tried out Bell’s high-speed Internet as well as its Alt TV streaming product. A very stylish and comfortable lounge on the rooftop deck protected from the weather afforded incredible views of the festival site and the nearby main stage.

In one of the Loki Cubes, an emperor chair was set up and people had a chance to play a digital game promoting the DreamHack esports tournament for which Bell is a major sponsor. The other 4 Loki Cubes acted as photo booths, each decorated to represent the musical worlds of the Festival’s top artists, where people could capture a memory of the moment with Bell.

All around the area Bell set up customized benches different games so people could just hang out day or night and enjoy the Festival’s unique, laid-back vibe.