Mobile beauty station with a funfair theme

September, 2019


- Unique multi-unit environment gave brand greater presence
- Fast deployment for important weekend, logistical complexity
- Dundas Square brand dominance
- Multi-faceted experiential marketing with interactivity

Sephora brings its pop-up makeup station to Toronto for the biggest beauty event of the year

On the weekend of September 5, the opening weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival, the city was abuzz with tourists and celebrities and Sephora set up its mobile make-up station in Dundas Square ready to surf on all the excitement.

In keeping with the carnival-like atmosphere in Toronto every September, Sephora set up an installation cluster featuring a merry-go-round and coordinated branding with giant exterior signage on the Eaton Centre. At the heart of the cluster, Sephora commissioned Loki Box Design to come up with the perfect, fully branded pop-up booth to act as a make-up centre. Loki transformed an LB16 unit into 3 adjacent photo booths, which together with the funfair ride and the brand’s iconic black-and-white branding, created a high impact Sephora-intensive experience. All installations were weatherproof and outdoors-ready.

The marketing activation featured a graffiti wall, a frog-in-the-pond game where people could win Sephora products and a carnival-like balloon game. The merry-go round featured an on board beauty station. A classic Italian mini-car was also transformed into a mobile beauty station. Loki Box Design teamed up with experiential marketing specialists Cinco to create an immersive Sephora experience that totally met the expectations of visitors to TIFF.