Loki’s Project Wins a
Shop! Design Award

April, 2017


- Only the bus’s structural frame was retained, everything else was stripped
- Independent power system with 16 batteries, A/C, heating system and automatic generator
- Addition of computer and internet network, video surveillance system, alarm system
- Custom turnkey project

Loki’s “Desjardins Bank Mobile Branch” Project Wins a Shop!

Design Award in the Popup Store Category The retail design industry recognized Loki’s “Desjardins Bank Mobile Branch” project, presenting the company with the silver award in the Popup Store category at the 2017 Shop! Design Awards gala, held in the LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 30, 2017.

Loki, Aedifica and a host of IT suppliers came up with the concept and interior design for the “Desjardins Bank Mobile Branch” project, along with all the technological nuts and bolts that make a full-service mobile branch tick. Loki built the next-generation mobile banking concept from scratch, stripping every extraneous part and system down to a barebones chassis, essentially turning a regular bus into an extraordinary high-tech mobile bank branch. To know more about the project and its construction, see Where No Bank Has Gone Before.