The Loki Homes project

April, 2016


From concept to production, we ensure that your project blends in with the landscape you've chosen.

Loki Homes :

Smart home, Design home

We’re thrilled to share it with you!  At LOKI BOX we’ll soon be launching a sister company we call LOKI HOMES dedicated to creating innovative small-scale residences and recreational homes using repurposed shipping containers in keeping with the LOKI tradition. The initiative is intended to serve as an R&D department and incubator for new and exciting ideas in mobile architecture and to expand the company’s design-build knowledge and capabilities.

Today we thought we’d tempt you with a few pictures and video of the possibilities LOKI HOMES has to offer.  What you see is not a structure created for an agency or a brand. It’s an actual dwelling designed and built to satisfy our own purely creative architectural and design ambitions here at LOKI, combined with our deep appreciation and love of the wild. So we built a teeny tiny house, and we shipped it way out in the middle of nowhere.    

Next we engaged in our second all-time favorite activity here at LOKI, we filmed our project and cut an amazing video with the images. There are no words to explain how good it feels, after 6 months in the making, to finally capture this tiny home in a format we can share with the world. Everyone gets the motivation behind a LOKI BOX.  It’s a device for activating brands in public spaces and for engaging in experiential marketing. Simple.

But what about those situations where you want to promote a product that’s used in a home? With a LOKI HOME you can, and because of its easy in/easy out versatility, you can do it in the parking lot of a road show, on the trade show floor or in a less easily accessible urban environment. Please contact us for purchase or rental inquiries.