ComediHa! gets a theatre in the park!

Aug, 2019


- Special anniversary mobile pop-up venue
- High-capacity seating – 80 persons + terrace seating
- Intimate, theatre-quality performance space
- Dramatic lighting adds unique ambience

Loki Dark box provides a mobile venue for festival’s 20th anniversary edition

Loki Space Cube provides a mobile venue for festival’s 20th anniversary edition In August of 2019, the ComediHa! comedy festival celebrated its 20th successful year with a special addition to its traditionally large number of show venues: a mobile pop-up theatre from Loki Box Design.

The Festival, which attracts some 750,000 comedy fans each summer, puts on 350 shows with over 500 performers at 15 sites around Quebec City. For 2019, Loki supplied the festival with its newly introduced Space Cube mobile theatre, a spacious pop-up unit made from four 40-foot shipping containers stacked two high and joined along their length. With 800 sq. ft. of ground level floor space, additional seating on the 2nd floor balcony and an expansive roof-top covered terrace, the new design delivers 80-person seating capacity with the kind of proximity and coziness audiences and performers love.

The inside of the theatre is dark and very theatrical. Along the double-high side walls, engineered lighting illuminates the interior in long vertical strips of individual lights for a highly dramatic effect. Access to the rooftop terrace is via an easy-to-secure staircase at the rear of the structure. The terrace is easily converted into a bar-lounge setting suitable for VIP gatherings or other controlled-access event, or just open to the public so people can take in the marvellous 360 degree views their vantage point affords. The overall effect is of an intimate downtown specialty theatre…only one that goes wherever you want it to go!