A Pavilion Made of Four Shipping Containers for the LeddarTech Product Launch

Feb, 2018


- One of the most impressive pavilions at a show known for companies going all out
- Entire LIDAR campus inside a single booth featuring 10 exhibitors
- Hard metallic exterior finish for a riveting hi-tech look
- Made from 4 refurbished shipping containers
- 960 sq. ft. rooftop terrace for hosting cocktails, etc.
- A closed, comfy and quiet glass meeting room

The spacious BNC260 booth with its imposing height turned heads at the Consumer Electronics Show

When super startup Leddartech needed to make a splash at CES 2018, the world’s no. 1 technology tradeshow, they turned to Loki Box Design. The award-winning business, which is determined to set the new standard in LIDAR technology for use in the rapidly evolving world of autonomous cars, wanted to pull out all the stops and stand out among the show’s 3,900 exhibitors, including some of the highest profile exhibitors around, like nearby Google Assistant.  LeddarTech went beyond getting noticed, however, as the company went on to win a CES 2018 Innovation Award for design and engineering in the category vehicle Intelligence and self-driving technology.

“We went to CES 2018 to take center stage,” says Marc Antoine Morin, Marketing Communication Manager at LeddarTech. “With the industry’s first mass-market, deployment-ready solid-state LiDAR solutions to unveil to the world, we needed a show-stopping pavilion for our unique LeddarCore SoC designs and Leddar Ecosystem partner solutions.” Adds Morin, “The world-class mobile structure from Loki Box Design was the perfect showcase.”

That strategy was to create a pavilion that would house the entire developer ecosystem of 10 distinct partner companies essential to the success of LeddarTech’s products. It’s a strategy that requires plenty of well thought out space, so Loki Box took 4 refurbished shipping containers and built a jaw-dropping pavilion, the customised BNC260 unit for Leddartech, with an interior layout that became a mini campus for its LIDAR partners, kind of a show within a show. Then Loki finished it with a brilliant metallic exterior and high-tech lighting.

With its more-than-ample physical space and purpose-built rooms and open areas, the Loki BNC260 pavilion not only supplied the space required to highlight all the ecosystem partners, it provided  an access-controlled rooftop lounge/VIP space for entertaining, high canopies for maximum visibility, and a commanding view of the site. The activation also featured a fully integrated product experience to help visitors understand LeddarTech’s new technology.