LeddarTech Showcases Entire Product Ecosystem in Single 4-Container Pavilion at CES 2019

Feb, 2019


- Entire LIDAR campus inside a single booth featuring 10 exhibitors
- Hard metallic exterior finish for a riveting hi-tech look
- Made from 4 refurbished shipping containers
- 960 sq. ft. rooftop terrace for hosting cocktails, etc.
- Frosted glass meeting room
- Collaborative work space and tables

Imposing BNC260 unit turns heads at the Consumer Electronics Show

LeddarTech, a leader in the LIDAR technology used in autonomous cars, always makes a splash at CES in Las Vegas. To compete for attention not only with competitors in the segment but with some of the top technology companies in the world, the firm again turned to Loki Box Design with a big marketing idea to help it make waves at CES: showcase its entire ecosystem of collaborating tech firms in one standout, drop-dead-gorgeous pavilion.

It’s a strategy that requires plenty of well-thought-out space, so Loki Box Design took 4 refurbished shipping containers, configured them to create an inviting, highly functional tech campus environment, equipped it with high tech lighting and all the amenities, and wrapped the exterior in a brilliant metallic finish.

The updated Loki BNC260 includes more and improved work space for doing business including a meeting room with frosted glass for privacy and more collaborative table space. Back for 2019 are the ever-popular, climate-controlled rooftop lounge and VIP space for entertaining, high canopies for maximum visibility, and the same imposing height offering a commanding view of the site. The activation also featured a fully integrated product demo to help visitors experience LeddarTech’s technology.