Fort Lauderdale Riptide Music Festival chooses Loki for its information kiosk

Nov, 2019


- Immersive Fort Lauderdale tourism experience
- Major concert right on the beach
- 2-story pop-up unit acted as tourist info central

Fort Lauderdale Riptide Music Festival

November 23 and 24, 2019, as part of its interactive marketing strategy, the Visit Lauderdale tourism bureau put on the Riptide Music Festival, and the Loki BNC220 unit was at the heart of the festivities. Now in its 4th year and Broward County’s signature event, Riptide brings together over 30 of the biggest names in alternative rock music performing on two giant stages simultaneously. The tourism bureau’s interactive marketing effort gives visitors a genuine Fort Lauderdale immersive experience, which is all about partying in sun, surf and sand, promoting the beach as a vacation destination for young people more effectively than any paid ad campaign.

The BNC 220 unit, which had a view of both stages, featured two floors both providing shade from the hot coastal sun. The upper floor acted as a DJ booth with a commanding view of the festival grounds as well as high visibility from afar. Along with its informational function, the lower floor served as a temporary tattoo booth, a photo wall and an incredibly fun foot piano. The BNC220’s modular design delivers the flexibility to adapt to a specific situation while keeping setup and teardown fast and efficient. In the Riptide configuration, concertgoers were free to wander in and out and take a break from the hot sun and get festival and Fort Lauderdale tourist info.