Introducing the all new Loki Box Design Dark Box mobile stage solution

Jan, 2020


-Real performance-space feel
- maximum capacity for a mobile unit
- 3 separate floors for versatility
- contemporary finish and edgy feel

Loki Box Design’s latest addition to its line-up of mobile architecture is the Dark Box, a large capacity, cutting- edge entertainment space. The 3-story, fully modular concept really feels like a downtown theatre or other contemporary performance venue with its dramatic black interior, theatre-style layout and 3rd story balcony section overlooking the theatre floor. Providing an intimate setting for one-person shows, invited speakers, Ted Talk-type events and mobile conferences, the Dark Box can also accommodate musical or theatre acts, corporate meetings and events, soirees and product launches or any event that requires an edgier, more creative atmosphere.

Dark Box can accommodate up to 80 people seated theatre-style on its first floor, while the top floor makes the perfect outdoor gathering/cocktail space and can fit another 20 comfortably. Access to upper floors is provided by an exterior, easily secured staircase suitable for holding mixed public/private gatherings. The unit’s impressive height stands out at festivals or other large-scale gatherings, making it visible from a long distance while also providing amazing views from its 3rd-story terrace.