A Completely New, Better-Suited Office Environment

April, 2017


- Six shipping containers were used to build the workspaces
- Three closed meeting rooms and three open work areas were created
- Spaces prepared for the latest tech
- Environmentally-responsible project
- The result: a reflection of the company and an extension of the brand

Cramer Office

Loki had the pleasure of taking part in the renovation of the Cramer office, whose complete redesign was overseen by the SMMA architectural firm. Based in South Boston, Cramer is a 150-person strong brand experience agency with four decades of expertise. Cramer’s roster of global clients turn to them for content-driven experiences, including meetings and events, activations, community and advocacy programs, mixed reality, and marketing campaigns for global brands. Inside this creative agency, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle. Their team members need space to think, create, brainstorm, pitch ideas and woo clients. Before the renovation, Cramer’s space was poorly utilized and built for old ways of working. That was about to change!


Cramer wanted something original, practical and beautiful. Its aim was twofold: to make it easier and more enjoyable for employees to do their job and to better capture and foster the company’s overall culture. It had a clear vision of spaces that inspired a meeting of the minds, where people want to spend time.


For its part in the project, Loki converted six 20-foot shipping containers into three closed meeting rooms seating eight, plus three adjacent work areas. It prepared and assembled everything in its workshop before shipping and installing



Meeting rooms should encourage and facilitate communications. Loki made the WorkBox units smart, versatile and user-friendly by integrating technology and preparing the space for every conceivable tech in this fast-paced environment.


One of the goals was to make the project environmentally responsible. By using repurposed shipping containers and recycled and eco-friendly materials that personalize the workspace, Loki achieved its goal without compromising on design. Win-win!


Once everything was done, Cramer had a completely new work environment, with offices, various studios, a warehouse, relaxation areas, meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a beer and coffee bar. And a brand-new look, of course. The employees could not be more thrilled!

With clean lines and splashes of colour, Loki’s meeting rooms and workspaces inspire a sense of calmness, happiness, professionalism, purity and creativity. Cramer’s teams now have all the tools and space they need to perform their different tasks, in comfort and style.

“As soon as clients walk in the door, they are enthralled by what they now see,” says Brent Turner, senior vice president at Cramer. “You don’t expect to see shipping containers in an office – and you would never expect them to be so beautiful as they are stacked two levels high and filled with people working.”

“Loki’s work – these rugged shipping containers turned modern workspaces – have truly captured the essence of Cramer. They are a profound extension of our brand. The end result has been more transformative and more meaningful than we ever expected!”