CAN-AM off-road machines own the festival floor at King of Hammers

Feb, 2021


- Split 40 high-rise backdrop unit
- Maximum visibility on festival grounds
- Perfect showcase for CAN AM Maverick models

Manufacturer trusts its high-visibility shipping container booths to the pros at Loki Box Design

It was all 4-wheel off-road action at the 2021 Nitto King of Hammers Festival held January 28-Feb 6 in Johnson Valley, California. CAN-AM is a major presence at the festival, widely regarded as the toughest one-day off-road race on the planet. It is the cornerstone of a week-long off-road festival featuring desert racing and rock crawling with more than 60,000 spectators on site and millions more watching online. Of course, CAN-AM always brings their promotional A-game with shipping container-based display booths by high-impact trade show booth makers Loki Box Design.

The feature Loki Split 40 unit selected by CAN-AM provides a vast horizontal backdrop that is ready to dominate any setting indoors or out. It provided the perfect venue for the audio-visual component of the experiential marketing campaign as well as a social hub for CAN-AM Maverick brand admirers. The Split 40’s ingenious high-rise diagonal split-hinge design soared 16 feet off the desert floor making it the perfect vertical surface for high-visibility signage. In the foreground the beasts themselves were right at home on the desert sand: the CAN-AM Maverick X3 DS, XRC and XRS ultra-high performance models with their standout 3D oversized model designations.

Off in the wings, a Loki Cube 8’X8’X8’ unit provided more promotional space suitable for sampling or sales activities. It features glass walls on 2 sides giving it an open, inviting feel as well as integrated lighting, electrical and electronics.