BRP interactive off-road marketing tour USA

September, 2019


- Goodies made on site
- Exciting product showcase
- Cross USA tour
- High impact and reach marketing tour activation

Outdoor pop-up installation promotes industry-leading UTVs

BRP supports its stellar performance in the multi-passenger off-road vehicle market with extended road shows across the USA, showcasing its industry-leading Maverick X3 and other vehicles in a variety of environments, from downtown parking lots to desert dunes.

With a long heritage of successful tours under its belt BRP had a track record to maintain in 2019, and once again enlisted Loki Box Design to create custom mobile architecture that would prove as exciting and reliable as the vehicles on display around it.

Loki created a totally new BB40 unit complete with rooftop terrace offering special guests and VIPs spectacular views of the motorsport events on the tour. On one side of the booth was an off-road driving experience simulator while the other housed a photo booth. The simulator featured a tricked out, side-by-side UTV that was completely refurbished specifically for the simulation. The game was the latest off-road addition to the Forza family of semi-sim racing video games with Maverick X3 vehicles integrated into the action. A nearby Loki LB8 unit, a compact but highly versatile pop-up kiosk, acted as T-shirt central for distributing the ever-popular branded T-shirts.