Experience the Bell Chalet at a Famous Winter Festival

March, 2017


- Bell Chalet has become a focal point of the festival year after year
- Over 1 million visitors in 2018
- 8 years partnership
- Festival has become a Montreal highlight and big city community builder

Bell makes the scene with Loki and a unique interactive environment at Montreal’s renowned winter event

Montréal en Lumière, one of the largest winter events and experiential marketing opportunities in the world, keeps getting better and better! Loki is proud to provide its client Bell with on-site support and amenities for the pop-up Bell Chalet, a popular fixture and focal point of the festival year after year.

Montréal en lumière now receives over one million visits annually! It’s a wonderful venue for marketers to share their brands, create interactive experiences and really reach their audiences at a more immersive level in what has become a very large but still very community-oriented event. Fans come to experience the joy of Montreal through this unique line-up of performances, gastronomy, free interactive family fun and plenty of surprise discoveries. Loki is proud to be part of the booth design and a creative force behind the overall marketing environment Bell brings to the festival every year.