LAN gaming event and marketing sponsorship

March, 2020


- World class eports event sponsorship
- Immersive, full-site branding
- Loki Cube gaming booths for elite players

Bell shows its support for gaming at LAN ETS

Once again Bell has helped take gaming in Quebec to a whole new competitive level with its sponsorship of LAN ETS, the biggest LAN party on North America's east coast. With over 2000 gamers and $40,000 in prize money, the event was held this year from February 14 to 16 at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès convention centre. LAN ETS is both a spectators event with gaming fans able to watch some of the biggest names in esports in live play action as well as a participation event for amateurs of all levels.

Loki again provided special Loki Cube units set up for individual elite players as enthralled fans watched the action. The site was Bell branded and special custom gaming furniture was also supplied by Loki. A white table was set up to present Bell’s line of digital products to the very tech-savvy crowd, as well as various chill spaces so competitors and fans alike could take a breather during the very intense, high-calibre event.