The Beauty Arcade Pop-Up Experience

May, 2019


- A funfilled circuit inside the box
- Personal make-up consultation and sampling
- One-of-a-kind marketing experience
- Fully customized furniture
- Hugely popular festival activity

Loki builds a beauty playground for Estee Lauder at California’s Stagecoach Festival

Country music enthusiasts are an important market for cosmetics manufacturer Estee Lauder and the company wanted to connect with them in a special way at the Stagecoach music festival, held April 26-28, 2019 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The company turned to Loki Box Design to come up with a creative, large-scale piece of mobile architecture that could represent the brand and become home to a really unique immersive brand experience. The specific marketing goal: get people to sign up for the Estee Lauder loyalty program.

The LBD solution was a custom-branded DST 40/20 unit constructed of 4 refurbished shipping containers, double-stacked, with an overall 40 X 16 first floor enclosed space, and two 20 X 16 2nd floor spaces, one enclosed, the other open to the sky.

The DST 40/20 features an enormous amount of useable space, and a good thing, too, since Estee Lauder’s marketing activation had a lot of interconnected components arranged on a beauty- and fun-filled circuit winding through the unit’s diverse spaces. The pathway included opportunities for make-up touch-ups and sampling, a variety of arcade-style games and glamorous giveaways! Loki Box Design provided all the customized interior furnishings that helped give visitors a deeper experience of the brand.

With a constant line-up outside the box, people entered and were welcomed by the chance to have a personalized skin scan to see what kind of make-up type they were. Then it was off to a beauty station for a few touch ups. Along the way there were make-up themed arcade-style games people could play to accumulate coupons which they could trade in for gifts…the more coupons the bigger the gifts! Crowds would move through the gaming space, then climb one floor to cash in their coupons.Then it was off to the photo booth where visitors could have their photo printed immediately, virtually life-size, on a large format printer as a souvenir of the Estee Lauder Arcade experience.