A Marketing Activation Tour with TJMaxx’s Mobile Lab

Jan, 2017


- 3-stop, coast-to-coast tour with high visibility locations:
     ∙ New York City, October 11-12, Herald Square
     ∙ Los Angeles, October 20-21, Hollywood Blvd. in front of the Dolby Theater
     ∙ Chicago, October 27-29, Pioneer Court near Navy Pier
- Self-contained activation with 6-hour overnight set-up
- High traffic emplacements generated huge event awareness

The BB20 unit generated huge event awareness at 3 high-visibility locations

In October 2017, off-price clothing retailer T.J.MAXX brought its Maxx You Project Lab to three major American cities, and Loki Box Design was there with a very enticing, fully branded BB20 unit to help attract and accommodate the crowds.

The Maxx You Project Lab aspires to take women on an individuality quest, helping them discover what makes them who they are so they can pursue their dreams with greater confidence.

Loki’s BB20 unit, with its ample space and versatile floor plan, was designed and equipped to provide a very special kind of immersive experience, while at the same time showcasing the brand and the initiative and allowing large numbers of women to participate at three very special, high traffic locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, where passersby would be intrigued by the one-of-a-kind event and enticed to stop by.