Red Bull's F1 Weekend
Elevates with Loki's
Mobile Structure

June , 2023


- Real F1 Pit Stop Challenge
- Virtual Racing Excitement inside the BB20 modular booth
- Montreal Urban Street Takeover

Montreal's bustling streets became the epicenter of high-speed excitement during the F1 festivities, thanks to Red Bull's adrenaline-pumping activation. Dominating the scene was the Split 20 mobile structure, a marvel that hosted a heart-pounding pit stop challenge featuring a genuine F1 car, drawing crowds like a magnet. Enthusiasts couldn't get enough of the action as they engaged in friendly competitions and witnessed the precision and speed of Formula 1 up close. For those looking for a different kind of racing thrill, a virtual race experience that had participants on the edge of their seats was offered inside the BB20 modular booth, further fueling the excitement on the Montreal streets. Red Bull's experiential marketing installations during the F1 weekend turned Montreal into a playground for racing aficionados, combining the real and virtual worlds of Formula 1 in an unforgettable experience. From the thunderous pit stop challenge to the digital showdowns, the streets came alive with the pulse-pounding spirit of F1, leaving participants and spectators alike with memories of a lifetime.