Pushing the limits of mobile store design for Vype

July, 2019


- Every feature and detail is custom designed
- One-of-kind pop-up store
- Original lighting concept enhanced mood and product trial

Pushing the limits of mobile store design for Vype with an event-ready pop-up shop and experiential environment

Marketers know that reaching out to millennials and younger adults means creating an experience that will hold their interest and connect them with brands on an experiential level. Vaping product maker Vype is no exception, and they turned to Loki Box Design to create a mobile-ready pop-up display that would help engage the audience and be easy to manage, location after location.

Loki set out to build a unique vaping environment beginning with its popular mid-size LB16 unit, a 16-foot container that, when fully deployed, opens up to an arresting 24 X 24 feet overall with fold out roofs and flooring. Save for the underlying structure, every aspect of the Vype unit was custom designed to bring the Vype experience to life. Inside, curved counters showcased the products while outside the second floor terrace structure was left in place to give the unit additional height to create greater impact at long distances.

But the unit’s most outstanding feature was definitely its lighting. At night, the core vaping experience was greatly enhanced by one-of-a-kind pendant lighting, futuristic LED bars that gave exhaled vapours a soft violet glow. Modern lounge seating provided event-goers with an inviting place to take a break that was also bathed in a hip violet glow.

Vype toured Alberta and BC with the mobile vape shop, offering guests the chance to socialize and experience the product in a novel, totally immersive way.