Nespresso mobile café
hits the street scene

Oct, 2022


- LB16 Unit
- Nimble coffee shop setup
- Easy deployment in smaller spaces

The National Bank Open tennis tournament is the current branding for the Canadian Open, the biggest tennis tournament in the country. Held in the joint venues of Montreal and Toronto in 2022, it attracted almost a quarter million fans. Fortunately Nespresso’s brand activation was ready, capably operating out of two Loki Box mobile and modular structures and serving over 5000 free coffees over the 10-day tournament. Deployed in Montreal, the larger of the two experiential marketing installations was a Split-40 with its signature diagonally hinged roof soaring a full 16 feet over a large café/chill zone where people could hang out and savour their favourite Nespresso coffees. With an 8’ X 40’ footprint, there was plenty of space to comfortably brew an epic number of javas. In Toronto, a Loki LB16 display unit stepped up for the occasion, and Nespresso staff served up free coffees and people enjoyed them in friendly garden zone with pergola and tables.