Morocco on the Hudson with LOKI Box Design

Morocco on the Hudson

March, 2022

Travellers looking for a truly exotic experience rich in colour often turn their gaze to Morocco, desert kingdom of a million riches.

At a time when travel was still restricted but public events were beginning to reopen in New York City, the Government of Morocco decided to team up with Loki Box Design to bring the ultimate Moroccan sensorial experience to potential travellers. The place: the heart of New York City’s new and trending Hudson Yards development.

In under 24 hours, the team erected a Loki Box BNC 260 unit, consisting of a 4-container configuration totalling 1360 sq. ft. plus shaded patios, a warm and inviting space that captured the almost mystical essence and colour of Morocco.

The brand activation, located right next to the architectural masterpiece “The Vessel’’, benefited from the interactive sculpture’s ability to attract a virtually endless stream of visitors.

Besides those climbing “The Vessel”, the Moroccan installation could also be seen by the countless occupants of skyscrapers encircling Hudson Yards.

Exotic fruit, vegetables, spices, olive oil and perfumes were on abundant display as a reminder of the riches on offer in the North African kingdom.

One of the unit’s patios was completely dedicated to sampling freshly prepared dishes by renowned Moroccan chefs. Once they had a taste of the country, visitors were invited on a virtual tour of Morocco using one of four virtual reality stations set up on the other two patios.

The perfect multisensory experience for a successful brand activation, perfectly timed to tap into a record amount of pent-up travel demand!