Impact Unleashed

Jul to Nov, 2016


- Summer/Fall tour of 8 stops across the country
- BB40 unit with custom roof for Maverick UTV and LED screen
- Unique lifting / leveling hydraulics reduces equipment needs for setup/tear down
- Painless setup and teardown in only a few hours

Turn heads, trim beards

When BRP Canam first launched the 2017 Maverick, its latest side-by-side vehicle, it went for a Loki Box array that was just as jaw-dropping as its new hard core off-road machine.

And before the Maverick could prove itself on the trail, the black LokiBox BB40 unit had to show its mettle in an 8-stop coast-to-coast marketing road show under the glaring sun and toughest, most unforgiving parking lot and wide-open desert conditions.

The array’s design is a fusion between a whole lot of show plus a whole lot of function, starting with its integrated showroom module that places the Maverick in a dramatic light. There’s a built-in refreshment lounge with adjustable shade awning so guests could chill in the desert heat, even a barbershop unit where prospective Maverick riders’ untamed beards could get a civilizing trim for the occasion. Two stunning, branded, pure black 20-foot adjacent units could be spread out or double stacked, serving as a static banner mount and support structure for a massive LED screen. And because the Maverick goes anywhere, that includes perched on top of the 20-foot unit, which had more than enough steel to shoulder the load.

In outdoor desert settings demo rides took place around the unit, which with its sheer sprawling footprint and dramatic silhouette against a setting desert sun made a massive impression all on its own. The BB40’s hydraulic leveling system worked seamlessly whether in a downtown parking lot, at a NASCAR tailgater or out on the desert flats. Best of all, set up and tear down takes only a few hours.