Where No Bank Has Gone Before

June, 2016


- Custom turnkey project
- Independent power system with 16 batteries, A/C, heating system and automatic generator
- Addition of computer and internet network, video surveillance system, alarm system


Desjardins needed a banking and branding tool that went far beyond awareness building to deliver full banking functionality. They wanted a mobile resource that could be used in targeted efforts outside colleges and universities, where a captive audience of students could walk over.

Enter Loki Box Design, the Aedifica architectural firm and a host of IT suppliers with the monumental task of coming up with an overall concept and interior design along with all the technological nuts and bolts that make a full-service branch tick.

Turning bus into branch

Loki built the next-generation mobile banking concept from scratch stripping every extraneous part and system down to a barebones chassis, essentially turning a regular bus into an extraordinary high tech mobile bank branch.

The first order of business in the conversion was installing an independent power system supporting all the bank requirements including security, alarm, camera, fridge, bathroom, internet network, computer network, AC, heating and, well, an ATM of course, everything that goes into a brick and mortar branch. Next, 16 batteries were hidden inside so the bank could be unplugged for days at a time without having to start the engine for recharging. And if extra power for AC or heating is ever needed, a large ultra-quiet generator that runs straight off the main fuel tank is always standing by.

The flagship vehicle in the Desjardins mobile bank pilot project, the unit has seen service every single day since summer 2016 and the project shows no signs of slowing down.