Gilbert driven to make an impact at ConExpo with a multi-cube unit

MARCH, 2020


- compact yet high-functioning space
- fast set-up, tear down
- high impact signage/visuals

Construction equipment maker chooses Loki multi-cube unit

A lumber mill, forestry products and construction equipment manufacturer Gilbert wanted to promote its Grizzly Multigrip pile driver unit at ConExpo 2020, one of the world’s most important global tradeshows for the construction industry, held March 10 to 14 in Las Vegas. The company has chosen Lokibox to design a kiosk that would meet their needs for the show.

With limited space available, Loki designed a high-functioning tradeshow display combining three 8’ X 8’ Loki Cube units into a custom booth configuration featuring three main spaces: a covered meet & greet area, an interior presentation space, and a mini-meeting area for more private discussions. Outside, product visuals covered the unit’s walls and bistro seating extended the display’s working footprint.