Color coded
modular three-level
container booth

Jan, 2023


- First three-level container structure in a US convention center
- High visibility experiential marketing installations
- Nominated top 20 of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Best of CES 2023
- 30 feet+ vertical exposure

Volkswagen’s software affiliate makes a splash at CES

The folks at CARIAD, Volkswagen Group’s automotive software powerhouse, were thrilled with the impact delivered by their jaw-dropping BB2 modular booth, specially customized by Loki for the company’s debut appearance at CES.

The competition for attention at CES is brutal. World-leading brands spend small fortunes getting noticed. Even with the word “Volkswagen” on your booth, standing out at the most influential tech event on the planet is not guaranteed. That’s why Loki pulled out all the stops for its 6-container tour de force in branded mobile architecture. We knew we needed a real winner since the modular structure would be the cornerstone for the launch of CARIAD’s latest technology platform, which provides the software underpinnings for Volkswagen’s NEW AUTO initiative, a veritable paradigm shift which promises to transform the auto industry.

The unit is Loki’s first three-level container array destined for the interior of a convention center in the US. The three-color design and striking container geometry helped differentiate the different activation components held in the various modules. The President’s meeting room topped the structure and afforded a fantastic view of the West Hall convention center and its exhibitors. More importantly, of course, CARIAD’s soaring mobile architecture was visible from the entirety of the West Hall convention center with its many convention-goers.

A coffee lounge was situated at the structure’s entrance which opened into the different co-working spaces inside the mobile, modular structure. Three new Volkswagen models were on display in front of the BB2. Stylish furniture and creative lighting design gave visitors the impression of being in a dreamy high-tech environment, a fitting ambience for a mission-critical software launch.

Once again, Loki proved its worth by designing a stand-out, highly engaging structure in record time that put the spotlight on CARIAD’s capabilities and its strong synergies with its Volkswagen parent.