CAN-AM marketing circuit offroad course

Feb, 2020


- New product line showcase
- Interactive brand activation
- Middle-of-the-desert off road marketing
- VIP roof top deck
- Giant 3D CAN-AM logo flanked the course

Interactive off road product demo

BRP took its line-up of high-performance UTVs to the deserts of California January 31 to February 9, 2020 for a full-on, dust raising, boulder-busting off road event to demonstrate its new Can-Am product line to fans and prospective customers. The event was held in the famed Johnson Valley off-highway-vehicle mecca and attracted desert riding fans from all over.

Loki Box Design equipped BRP with two custom-finished units, a BB40 and an LB16. The larger unit served as an indoor-outdoor showroom with Can-Am’s products on display, and it’s covered rooftop deck was used by the Can Am Demo team as a VIP meet-and-greet area. The raised deck offered spectacular views of the site and, with its raised full-width logo, enhanced visibility for the unit and the brand itself. Outside the temporary city that appears at every Johnson Valley event, an oversize 3D Can-Am logo greeted riders as they took to the course.