Innovation showcasing innovation

Jan, 2016


- Indoor and outdoor activation
- Spacious open rooftop deck
- Complete wiring and HVAC
- Functional and aesthetic features
- Integration of smart automation technology

Broan-Nutone Fresh Ideas Home

Innovation showcasing innovation. That’s the story behind the custom-built high-volume modular unit Loki Box and DST concept recently built for the Broan-Nutone manufacturing group. Intended for trade shows but also for use in outdoor activations at dealers, the 1,280-square foot Fresh Ideas Home is built around the core concept of the smart, connected home, providing a stunningly modern, stylish backdrop for the group’s offerings in home lighting, ventilation and smart automation technology.

A mobile virtual residence, with complete wiring and HVAC, the modular unit showcases both the products’ functional and aesthetic features. The amply-dimensioned assemblage incorporates two 40-ft containers on the ground floor with two 20-ft containers and a spacious open rooftop deck overhead.