BNC mobile bank
truck conversion

Jan, 2023


- Truck converted into a fully functional mobile bank branch
- Full service mobile banking unit is a branch equivalent
- Solar panels and generators ensure extended periods of autonomy
- Roof top banner provides maximum visibility

National Bank hits the road in a full-service mobile branch by Loki

Canada’s a big country. Every bank faces the challenge of offering face-to-face personal service in a lot of smaller communities. And when you need to renovate a bricks and mortar branch, where do walk-in customers bank? National Bank of Canada’s solution? A comfortable, fully furnished Loki mobile pop-up unit that can get to where it needs to go, offering the full suite of banking services normally available at a physical branch. It’s mobile architecture that serves the bank’s customers wherever they are.

Inside, the mobile unit features a reception area, a private meeting space and an automatic teller machine as well as a safe and the full range of the latest security technology.