Bell’s got game

May 2017

It makes perfect sense that the provider of one of the country’s fastest fibre optic pipelines is a HUGE gaming supporter, so much so that it’s sponsoring some of the biggest gaming events!

In 2016 Bell reached out to fast-connection consumers with its sponsorship of Dreamhack Montreal, Northern Arena Montreal and Northern Arena Toronto, and also became the name sponsor for the Bell LAN ETS 15th anniversary event held in February 2017.

With its clear affinities with the gaming community (Bell offers gamers the chance to play on a 10G connection at the events) Loki developed a number of ways Bell could further connect with gamers and have a meaningful presence on their home turf. The star? Loki Cube. Bell supplied the gaming festivals with VR equipment and Loki Cubes to optimize players’ experience of games in virtual reality environments along with emperor’s chairs, online broadcast of the games as well as charging stations, in other words, a total Bell environment adapted for the gamer.

Loki’s arch-mounted screens carried the action and served to delineate the Bell VIP section. Gamers shared tournament action via social network for the gaming community, adding even greater value to the sponsorship effort.