Bell pops-up everywhere at major summer music festival

July, 2019


- Interactive crowd entertainment with the focus on mobile play
- Pre-show karaoke at the main gates
- Visibility across town & the event

Music festival sponsorship focuses on music, playfulness and light-hearted fun 

For a full 10 days in July, 2019, music lovers from Quebec City and thousands of tourists thronged the streets of downtown and Old Quebec City for the annual Festival d'été de Québec, or Quebec City Summer Music Festival, with crowds concentrating at the main festival entrance and along its main street.

Ongoing festival sponsor Bell always goes big in Quebec City. This year Bell marketing activations were centred around a Split40 unit from Loki Box Design customized for the occasion as well as six double-stacked Loki Cubes, a Split20 unit, an outdoor giant screen, custom furniture and more for maximum festival visibility.

Bell’s festival marketing activation was designed to bring festivalgoers back to a happier, simpler time with plenty of fun and games, but with the magic supplied by modern digital technology. In one creative marketing game, players used a Bell Huawei phone to fight a virtual water-gun contest on a big screen, aligning the phone to start the graphic water columns filling. Everyone who played got popcorn with special prizes for winners.

Another game used facial recognition technology. Songs played that were linked to the player’s emotion, featuring music from the festival’s headliners.

Following in its sponsorship tradition, Bell set up its biggest unit at the Festival gates to act as an enormous DJ booth where songs and karaoke entertained crowds waiting in line for admission.

As the kind of client every supplier wants to have, Bell challenges Loki every year to come up with something fresh and exciting to thrill festival fans, and together we’ve managed to reach and surpass many of our event marketing goals.