A place to work, think, dream…

JUNE, 2020

We designed our latest box for your mind

From time to time all kinds of people from creative types to deep thinkers to writers to business types need to get away, decompress and isolate themselves in a place where they can do their very best thinking.

When the designers at Loki first started considering this need, they asked themselves what such a place would look like? Where would it be? What would it offer? And how would the person inside relate to the space? After a lot of blue skying, what came out of our ruminations was our solution for the perfect isolation space that we somewhat mysteriously refer to as… the Bat Cave.

With its stark black exterior and cool white interior it may look like a laboratory, but it’s not for experiments. Rather, it’s for the purest kind of thinking and intellectual exploration, the kind that can only be accomplished when a person is in their “zone”, immersed in their subject, detached and removed from any outside influences, bathed in the kind of neutral comfort that eliminates any of the physical distractions (temperature, noise, etc.) that get between people and their work.

For the thinker, the conceptual person, the designer or anyone who dares to think big thoughts, the Bat Cave is more than just a refuge, it is a tool for achieving that rare kind of mental state where the neurons crackle and synapse with energy, letting ideas flow unimpeded. To keep it comfortable and working efficiently, we’ve conceived our Bat Cave as a four-season electric-hybrid powered unit that is entirely energy self-sufficient and fully wired for communications… not that, once you’ve become enveloped in the Zen-like space the Bat cave provides, you’d ever want to use them.

Stay tuned for more on the latest product from the fertile minds at Loki… same bat time, same bat channel.