MARCH, 2020


- Large footprint BNC240 unit = 800 ft2 footprint
- Functional interior office + meeting space
- Shaded 2nd story rooftop hospitality area

ARCOMET chooses Loki Box Designs unit for ConExpo

ARCOMET, one of the world’s largest providers of tower and self-erecting cranes, recently took part in ConExpo, the biggest and most important tradeshow for the construction industry, held March 10 to 14, 2020 in Las Vegas. The company selected a Loki Box Design BNC240 for its tradeshow needs.

The mobile unit, with its massive 20’ X 40’ footprint when assembled, provided plenty of meet & great space as well as a comfortable semi-public area which was completely wired for making presentations and for the day-to-day management of the company’s expo activities. A large interior private space served as a meeting area. The ARCOMET unit featured the BNC240’s signature second-story canopy, a welcomed addition for attendees and guests using the upper deck lounge in the Nevada sunshine. The deck became more than useful on the Wednesday night during ARCOMET’s client cocktail. Daytime activities included a VR tour of the company’s products, which were also presented full-size on site.

The structure, rising a full 20 feet above the tradeshow floor, provided high-impact, long-distance visibility for the ARCOMET brand on the huge ConExpo grounds, including banner-style signage on the upper façade. The unit featured a glossy white finish on interior surfaces, modern lighting and a cool, contemporary look.