The Can-Am Unit Gets a Complete Visual Overhaul

Oct, 2017


- Complete brand re-skinning between 1st and 2nd tour stops
- Set-up of the large 40-foot unit amidst trees, on uneven ground
- 2000 guests were accommodated over two days
- Shuttle service was provided on-site

The Split 40 unit, a 40-foot recycled shipping container, supported the worldwide launch of the company’s new product

For the second stop of its 2017 North American tour, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) completely re-skinned its Loki Split 40 unit replacing the Can-Am Maverick branding for the worldwide launch of its new Can-Am Maverick Trail model. With its ingenious diagonal split hinge opening, the unit boasts an arresting 16 feet of vertical, usable display height and delivers a vast overall useable area in a relatively compact and maneuverable 8’ X 40’ footprint. Which is a good thing, as the set-up at the Texas Horse Ranch outside Dallas was in among the trees.

A worldwide launch is always a big deal. Pulling out all the stops, BRP created a dirt test track on the ranch for invited guests to test ride the new Maverick Trail addition to the Can-Am UTV line-up.  Day 1 of the event was exclusively for VIPs, mostly dealers and distributors invited from all over the world, while day 2 was scheduled as the media event.