Mobile pop-up stores are ready for the new commercial reality

Over the past new months, traditional shopping as we know it being severely disrupted. The crowded mall or downtown shopping district may very well have seen its day. The commercial world needs innovative thinking and both short and long-term solutions.

Loki’s Pop up stores will redefine how we shop. As a team, we are ready for this new commercial reality, and we want to help you innovate in your commercial business. We believe that we can find a brand new way to shop while still offering an engaging retail experience.

Loki’s pop-up retail kiosks, displays and booths can be designed and configured to act as separate, single-user retail stations that comply with social distancing measures while still offering an engaging retail experience.

Fabricated using decommissioned shipping containers, they can be custom designed to deliver on every aspect of a branded retail experience including high visual impact and an immersive feel. Safety and social distancing considerations are designed right in. Best of all the units can be easily moved to new locations to reach fresh consumers as required.