Volvo's electrifying
mobile studio

Feb, 2023


- Full turnkey Prevost conversion
- Largest power bank ever to be installed on a Prevost
- Every component of the activation runs on green energy

Volvo’s mobile studio turns up the amperage at marketing events & dealership trainings

When Volvo chose Loki to build its one-of-kind touring coach, the clear message was they wanted an innovative platform to promote their line of electric vehicles, take on a marketing road show or serve as a base for test drives. You can see the result: with its lustrous end-to-end black finish there’s nothing low key about this Loki.

The Mobile Studio is itself a triumph in sustainability, with one of the largest battery packs to ever be installed on a Prevost chassis, delivering 96,000W that can power every single aspect of a brand activation – including heating or AC – for 12 hours before recharging. 4200W of solar panels on the roof extend the mobile structure’s autonomy. Twin 48V alternators fast-charge the battery array between destinations. Inside, sleekly modern demo and meeting rooms equipped with the latest audio visual technology (including 7 flat screens with Apple TV and sound by Bowers & Wilkins) make the mobile architecture unit as versatile as it is gorgeous to look at. In tow: a Barista Café Trailer keeps the beverage service conveniently close by yet separate.