Uniqlo 2019 winter clothing refrigerated test unit

Nov, 2019


- Refrigerated container for huge WOW! factor
- Busy downtown Toronto location
- Relevant product trial and technology demos
- Space dominating 4-unit array owned the square

Uniqlo’s winter line launch a very chill experience

Japanese clothing manufacturer Uniqlo is on a mission to provide high quality men’s and women’s outerwear for all temperature conditions, including the kind of deep freezes we get during our brutal Canadian winters!

To launch its 2019 winter line the clothing maker set up shop in Toronto’s Dundas square on Nov 1-3 to intercept customers as they were gearing up for the coming cold season. But of course early November is relatively balmy in Toronto, so Uniqlo came up with a brilliant idea on how to create a realistic try-on experience for its winter wear.

The overall installation comprised 4 Loki Box Design units. The anchor unit was a Split20 with its eye-catching 16’ height and unique diagonal hinge design. It served as the main clothing fashion base and included a photo booth and an iPad station for running contests, with prizes including winter jackets and discounts on clothing.

Two adjacent Loki Cube units served for more technical demonstrations of the clothing’s features, including the quality and lightweight of the down fillings used and a striking visual display of the jackets in their compact carry bags that put a major product benefit front and centre.

But the star attraction had to be the fourth unit, a refrigerated 20-foot container where customers could try on the outerwear in real life winter conditions! The container interior, provided with cool, giant ice crystal décor and icy blue lighting, was kept at a chilly -5° C, cold enough to be a meaningful test for the products. Full length mirrors inside turned the unit into a giant refrigerated dressing room, so people could check out their look as well as how warm the jackets were.