M&T Bank sets up rolling pop-up stores in downtown Baltimore

October, 2019


- 6 different brands presented in the same pop-up kiosk
- Sign of business community strength and initiative
- Unit rebranded every 2 weeks
- 4-month pop-up summer event

M&T Bank showcased its local business community partners with one very adaptable kiosk

From June 5 to September 13 on a greenspace in downtown Baltimore, M&T Bank installed a Loki BB20 pop-up store to give selected local businesses some valuable visibility in the community as part of a one-of-a-kind partnership marketing strategy.

Over the summer, the BB20 was reskinned every two weeks with the branding of the business for that period. The businesses set up their retail operations in the spacious BB20, with its sides extended to form awnings, plus floor extensions and added seating around the perimeter. The BB20 is equipped with a rooftop terrace with a railing that serves as the location for high visibility custom signage. The all-steel shipping container structure had the added benefit of being easy to secure after hours.

The summer-long pop-up event opened with a cocktail. For the next 12 weeks passersby downtown could shop local and sample some of Baltimore’s finest homegrown retail products. The novel marketing idea featured local companies The Doll House, Becket Hitch, Cake by Jason Hisley, Mouth Party Caramels, The Charmery and Zeke’s Coffee. To get the rolling pop-up event just right, Loki worked with the Match Marketing Agency.