Inspired Tradeshow Booth Design

May, 2019


- A funfilled circuit inside the box
- Intriguing one-of-a kind custom design
- Fast deployment
- Design had strong affinity with the brand
- Strong visual presence on conference floor

Element AI display concept explores the intangible

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the next new thing and Element AI was a key exhibitor at the 32nd annual NeurIPS Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (formerly NIPS), held Dec 2 to 8, 2018, in its hometown of Montreal, which itself has become a major hub for innovation, research and capital in the AI industry.

As a hometown favourite, Element AI turned to Loki Box Design for a tradeshow booth concept that would stop visitors in their tracks on the Palais des Congrès floor and showcase its trailblazing role in the industry. The unique tradeshow booth design was inspired by the AI industry’s pursuit of the elusive and intangible as they attempt to teach machines how to learn in order to greatly enhance the efficiency of business and manufacturing processes, to name just a couple of applications.

The airy, colonnaded unit was inspired by the company’s open and collaborative research model, and it presented a bright, inviting space well-suited to its outreach activities within the AI community. The custom display booth became a kind of base camp for company co-founders JF Gagné and Yoshua Bengio as well as more than two dozen of its researchers when they weren’t involved in conference presentations and workshops.

The company prides itself on its bold approach to tackling the toughest challenges in AI, and the LBD concept embodied that attitude in every way.