Marketing Tours & Sponsorships

Our Marketing Tour & Sponsorship Event Venues Available for Rent and Ready to Build

Loki Box Design designs and develops unique event venues that allow our customers to showcase their brand in marketing tours and sponsorships. Whether you want to design a venue using one of our recycled and repurposed shipping containers or top-quality building materials, our installations are ideal for use in nearly any application. Our venues are all designed to exceed your expectations and provide the most accurate representation of your brand.

If you’re going on a marketing tour to promote your business or want to create a venue for sponsorships, our venues are among the best options available. You’ll be able to impress visitors at any event while setting a new standard in your industry.

With the help of one of our venues, you’ll be able to attract a crowd with designs unlike any other. You can also use them in nearly any location.

Our original EventBox designs are also highly adaptable, which allows you to use them for any type of campaign and at any location to gain maximum exposure.

Take Our Top-Quality Sponsorship & Marketing Tour Event Venue Designs Inside or Out

With the help of one of our venues, you won’t need to worry about weather. We’ll provide you with a top-quality venue that can withstand sun, rain, cold, sleet, and wind to showcase your company. Through some planning beforehand, you can also transform your venue into a TradeshowBox for indoor use. Use our venue designs at time of the year during any season, indoors or outdoors. Our units can hold up in any type of weather conditions.

Coast to Coast Tours

Here at Loki, we specialize in mobility, which means we can easily move your installation anywhere based on where you need it at any time. We’ll construct everything, tear it down, and move it to any upcoming event at your convenience, anywhere in the country.

Impress Any Crowd

Regardless of where you need to move your venue, we’ll make sure you stand out and attract the ideal crowd.



We’ll discuss ground-breaking ideas together

We’ll design the perfect EventBox for your needs

Loki will build your Box in its workshop

We’ll set up quickly and easily, you'll be very impressed

You’ll be the talk of the event

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Uses for Our Marketing Tour & Sponsorship Venue Installations

All of our customers can use our venues for many different types of applications, whether you’re going on a national marketing tour to promote a new company or attending a sponsorship event. This will help create an unforgettable experience for your customers, ensuring that your audience keeps your brand in mind.

To accomplish this, we use several innovative technologies, including indoor and outdoor screens, RFID, A/V, touchscreens, and iPad stands. Every venue design features systems such as HVAC, A/C, and plumbing, and is multimedia- and multiplatform-ready, with big pre-wired outdoor LED screens that can help you meet all of your marketing needs. You’ll also be able to control ease of interaction, temperature, lighting, air quality, and noise to keep all staff and employees comfortable.

Our custom venues can help you create the perfect presentation for your company at any marketing tour or sponsorship event, with designs that are sure to leave you and your visitors impressed.